Brangelina buy anti-jet lag device for kids

December 5th, 2011


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly had their home fitted with an anti-jet lag relief system to help their kids sleep. The Hollywood couple are said to have had their French base kitted out with the state-of-the-art equipment to help their six kids cope with the all the travelling. A source told The Sun, “The actors have to endure changing time zones all the time as they shoot new films. “And with their kids travelling along too they find it hard to adjust and get to sleep. So now the couple have installed an expensive lighting system which helps to reset your body clock and deal with local times. “The technology is only usually used in the first class areas of planes and on private jets. “But they wanted it for their mansion in France and will use it at their other houses if it helps with the problem.”

Kris Humphries ‘files for annulment on the grounds of fraud’

December 1st, 2011


Kris Humphries has reportedly applied to annul his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian on the grounds of fraud. The NBA star, whose estranged wife Kim filed for divorce last month, has apparently now submitted his own papers. He has asked instead for an annulment which could signal the start of a lengthy court battle between the two. “There’s a clear conflict if one spouse is seeking a divorce, but the other wants an annulment,” family law attorney Scott Weston, who is not involved in the case, told People magazine. “A judge will have to decide which to allow, which could take many months.” But an insider said Kim might actually welcome Kris’s decision. “She always wanted an annulment but attorneys were against it so she’s happy that both parties agree now,” said the source. Kris is said to have marked the box labelled ‘fraud’ as the reason for the annulment, citing October 31 as the official date of separation.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes visit Paris cemetery

November 28th, 2011


Hollywood couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been checking out the darker side of Paris. The pair, who’ve been dating since September, spent an afternoon visiting the famous Pere-Lachaise cemetery. Gosling, 31, and Mendes, 37, enjoyed red wine and Argentine fare before visiting the resting places of Jim Morrison, Édith Piaf and Oscar Wilde. An observer told “They were holding hands and there was a lot of tenderness between them.” From Pere-Lachaise, they continued their grisly tour at the historic Catacombs of Paris, where visitors can go below ground to see the ancient stone quarries that make up the ossuary, housing the skeletal remains of approximately six million Parisians.

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘hooked on Cuban cigars’

November 25th, 2011


Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly got himself hooked on Cuban cigars. The 37-year-old is said to have developed the habit whilst playing J Edgar in the Great Gatsby in Syndey, Australia, and a source told Now magazine that he is desperate to give up his six-a-day. “He’s making an effort to quit after he got a nasty wheezing cough,” said the insider. “He’s even tried using electric cigarettes.”

Jessica Alba: ‘I didn’t gain as much baby weight this time’

November 23rd, 2011


Jessica Alba has credited her vanishing baby weight with not putting so much on in the first place. The 30-year-old actress welcomed her second daughter, Haven Garner, with husband Cash Warren in August and said that her slim-down didn’t take long because she exercised more and ate less this time around. “I didn’t gain as much weight with my second pregnancy, so I think that really made a big difference,” she told Us Weekly. “I did prenatal yoga up until the very end. I just made healthier choices. I started working out and not going too crazy, but I did what was safe and what the doctor approved.” Another perk of being a second-time mum is that she doesn’t worry as much as she did with her first child, Honor Marie. “It’s nice to enjoy having a newly born instead of being overwhelmed and wonder if everything is going to be okay,” she said. “Now I’m like, ‘Oh, she’ll be fine!’ They’re so sweet together.”

Demi ‘escapes to Hawaii’ after split

November 22nd, 2011


Demi Moore has reportedly fled to Hawaii following the announcement of her decision to divorce Ashton Kutcher. The pair had been battling to save their marriage after 22-year-old Sara Leal claimed to have slept with Kutcher, 33, on the weekend of his sixth wedding anniversary — but revealed last week they would be getting a divorce. A source told The Mirror that Demi feels “fragile and alone”, and spent the last few days throwing the Two and a Half Men actor’s things out of her £5 million Beverly Hills home before heading to Hawaii. “She’s determined to clear Ashton out of her life but she has been crying and crying,” the insider said. “Demi is heartbroken but keeps repeating the mantra, ‘I have to be strong’. She’s in Hawaii to do a bit of soul-searching. We’re very worried about her.” Meanwhile, Kutcher is believed to be holed up at the Mondrian Hotel in LA.

Tyler Perry defends casting Kim Kardashian in new film

November 18th, 2011


Filmmaker Tyler Perry has defended his decision to cast Kim Kardashian in an upcoming movie about marriage. Tyler announced that the 31-year-old reality star will have a role in The Marriage Counselor shortly before she ended her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, which sparked controversy on social media sites. The 42-year-old director has taken to his website to write a message to the critics. Perry says he thinks “it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film” and good for young people who see her as a role model to “see her in a film that is about what happens in life when you make the wrong choices.”

Nikki Reed wants her own jewellery line

November 15th, 2011


Newlywed Nikki Reed has revealed that she wants to launch her own jewellery line. The Twilight actress married former American Idol singer Paul McDonald in Malibu last month. She is currently focusing on promoting the penultimate movie in the vampire saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1. However, she said that once she’s got a bit more time on her hands, she would like to branch out in to fashion. At some point I’d like to have a jewellery line, she told Self magazine. I have a very sort of eclectic style, so I guess I’ve picked up things from all over the world, but the last place that I lived was Greece so I became very into the evil eye. I’m influenced by Greek culture for sure. But when it came to costumes for her Twilight character, vampire Rosalie Hale, she said that eclectic outfits were strictly off limits. The Cullen family they don’t want to stand out as much as they already do with their crazy eyes and pale skin, she explained. So I think that was a common theme when shooting, like, ‘How can we make them blend in the most?’ So we wore the hippest, most modern />

David Arquette and fellow celebs enjoy Hollywood fright night

November 2nd, 2011


Celebrities including David Arquette, Ricky Lake, Demi Lovato, Elijah Wood, Chad Michael Murray, and Wilmer Valderama had a screaming good time at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights. They were just a few of the stars who attended the terrifying annual event in LA for some scares, screams, and an all-round ghoulishly good time. This year’s Halloween Horror Nights, which runs until 31 October, features six mazes bringing together “unprecedented star power to create the definitive Hollywood horror ‘dream team’ and craft the ultimate ‘live’ Halloween nightmare”, according to Universal Studios Hollywood blog. Tickets are available to buy at

Kris Humphries ‘wants out of Kardashian filming’

November 1st, 2011


Kris Humphries has reportedly had enough of being Kim Kardashian’s ‘little TV husband’. The 26-year-old basketball player apparently hates the cameras so much that he doesn’t want to appear in the next series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A source told Life & Style, “Kris wants out of filming. They’ve had no time without a camera. He knows he signed up for this, but I think it’s weighed on him. “Kris makes only about $20,000 per episode. He wants more to make it worthwhile!” A second insider said Kris laid it on the line for Kim, telling her, “I’ll only be your little TV husband for a few more weeks.” ?? But a friend of the reality stars said that Kim probably appreciated Kris’s forwardness. “Kris is really the only person who stands up to her,” said the source. “He says no when everyone else says yes.” “I think secretly it challenges her and turns her on. No one says no to her except Kris. It frustrates her, but it ignites her.”